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Thursday, 31 October 2019
Back pain can range from mild to debilitating. If you’ve ever experienced it before you’ll know it’s not a pleasant thing to go through. While some back pain can be down to injury or a condition like osteoarthritis, some pain can be caused by poor posture or having weak stabilisation muscles around the trunk of the body. — Read Article
Thursday, 31 October 2019
The liver is our bodies detoxifying organ, with its primary function being to filter and remove toxins that it’s exposed to. Toxins can come from many different places like the environment or from what we put into our bodies like; food, drinks and medications. — Read Article
Thursday, 31 October 2019
If you’ve got a big road trip planned, just you and your pooch, you may have imagined it’ll be a dreamy time with Fido poking his head out of the car window and enjoying the air rushing through his fur. In reality, he may get super stressed, constantly whine and may even vomit all over your nicely vacuumed car seat. — Read Article
Thursday, 31 October 2019
Collagen is a protein found in the body, in bones, muscles, skin, tendons and all connective tissues. You could compare collagen to scaffolding – the more you have of it the stronger and more stable the structure of your body is. — Read Article