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Sir Bob Charles, the grandmaster of golf, has used Deer Velvet supplements for nearly twenty years. Deer Velvet is a major part of Sir Bob's health maintenance programme.

Deer Velvet of course is the main component in Chinese and Korean traditional remedies. Sir Bob has had a personal interest in Chinese medicine. The Chinese approach to health maintenance is prevention, but the western approach is the treatment of disease.

Sir Bob says, "He has never felt better", and is playing great golf at 68. He is a great New Zealander setting an example, for all of us, by taking responsibility for his own health and wellbeing.

The founder of Silberhorn Peter Beadle, also famous for his New Zealand landscape artwork, has had a long standing friendship with Sir Bob Charles.  

How does Deer velvet help? Deer velvet is food for the TLC tissues, (tendons, ligaments and cartilage) the source of much joint stiffness. Deer velvet may also support the immune system, support healthy cholesterol, aerobic performance, healthy blood pressure and is used by the Russians to support recovery after surgery.

Sir Bob says, "New Zealand Velvet Antler has assisted me in a number of areas", "one area in particular has been supporting healthy joint function". "Obviously my wrists have borne a large workload and I feel that taking Deer Velvet allows me to maintain excellent flexibility and supple joints".

Masterton Golf Club The 2009 

Silberhorn Sir Bob Charles Classis 
36 Hole Left & Right Handers Golf Tournament 
Lansdowne Golf Course Masterton 
10th and 11th October 2009

We had a great tournament, Saturday was cold but Sunday was warm and sunny. The Sportsvel product was well received and attached is a photo of the two main winners, Grenville Burton on the right, winner of the Sir Bob Charles Gross Trophy from the Royal Wellington Golf course and Geoff Ingram on the left from Rangitiki, Manawatu, winner of the veterns gross trophy.



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