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Emu Oil Products

Emu Oil

Silberhorn markets capsules and bottles of pure Emu Oil, a product used extensively in Australia.

Emu Relief Balm

Emu Oil Relief Balm is a soothing deep rub ointment for soothing tired muscles and strains, Emu Oil relief balm contains natural aroma therapy oils, with pure Emu Oil to produce a deeply penetrating rub for muscle and joint mobility, and strains. 

Emu Oil Face Cream

Suitable for all skin types and age groups. Use morning and night to help maintain the skins natural moisture balance and may help support skin regeneration, and tissue repair and help reduce the appearance of scarring. 

Emu Oil Capsules

Our customers find Emu Oil helpful for supporting health skin, especially for moisturising  dry cracked heels, and  dry chafed skin. This is probably due to the Vitamin A (retinol) content.

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Emu Oil Relief Balm Jar 50gm


Emu Oil Bottle 50ml


Emu Oil Bottle 100ml


Emu Oil Face Cream Jar 50gm


Emu Oil 60 Capsules


4x PuffPluss + 1x Emu Oil Face Cream

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