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Wednesday, 14 October 2020
If your dog is limping, it could mean he has an injury on one or more legs. This could be caused by an injury, disrupted function or even a combination of both. An injured dogs limp can be subtle or very obvious. He may even lift up the paw to avoid putting weight down. Some dogs may even show intermittent signs of on and off limping. — Read Article
Wednesday, 14 October 2020
Genetics play a big role in whether your pup gets arthritis. But, if you put a few preventative measures in place, you may be able to prevent or at least minimise his symptoms. Just like with humans, if you feed him well, give regular exercise and quality supplements, this will keep him strong and healthy. — Read Article
Tuesday, 15 September 2020
As our pets age, it’s likely some will suffer with an eye condition. If you put prevention methods in place early on, you can stave off problems. And the good news is, there are many natural remedies you can try out to support their overall vision. — Read Article
Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Has your beloved pup start to experience split nails? Or has he always had weak nails and you’re looking for a remedy? Either way, split nails can cause pain and bleeding for your canine if not looked after. Also, constant split nails could point to another problem that needs to be healed. — Read Article
Monday, 24 August 2020
Dogs love to run about and jump around like crazy things, especially when they get excited. This can mean, as they age, joints start to show signs of wear and tear. — Read Article
Monday, 24 August 2020
Are you wondering how to boost your dog’s immune system naturally? Dogs living in the modern world are constantly exposed to immune suppressants such as chemicals, toxins and pesticides for example. This means, they need all the help they can get to keep a healthy, functioning immune system. — Read Article
Wednesday, 10 June 2020
If your dog has always been a picky eater, you’ve probably had many battles. But if he has suddenly started turning his nose up at your offerings, there could be a few simple reasons. While you may think canines like variety, they are actually quite happy to eat the same thing for their whole lives. — Read Article
Wednesday, 10 June 2020
Your dog needs a full array of vitamins and minerals to live a happy, healthy life. Just like us, if they are deficient, this could lead to signs of poor health. Some of the most important nutrients your canine needs are essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6 and 9. — Read Article
Thursday, 04 June 2020
With the onset of winter we must be mindful of our personal needs and our pets. We have a tendency to consume fewer fluids over this period, this can result in an imbalance of body fluids and metabolism which may have an adverse overall effect on our health, it’s as important for our pets as it is for us. — Read Article
Posted by: Silberhorn Team
Monday, 11 May 2020
Many dog owners have reported that hemp seed oil given to their dogs has shown positive benefits for; pain relief, seizures, arthritis, anxiety, cognitive function and coat lustness. Hemp seed oil is full of powerful nutrients and healthy fatty acids. Due to the richness of the oil, make sure you check with your vet before starting a new hemp seed health supplement routine for your pup. — Read Article
Monday, 27 April 2020
Just like humans, if your pooch is eating a diet too high in processed garbage it’s likely to have a negative effect on his mood and behavior. Dogs benefit from a balanced, fresh diet and especially if your dog is hyperactive already, a bad diet can just exacerbate the problem. — Read Article
Friday, 21 February 2020
To follow on from our piece on anxiety and depression it is generally accepted that pets are a significant part of our lives; we see where pets have been introduced to aged care facilities handled by residents with a positive soothing affect for residents and caregivers alike. — Read Article
Posted by: Silberhorn Team
Wednesday, 29 January 2020
If you’re a dog owner, I’m sure you want to do everything possible to keep your furry pal in the best shape. If he has a shiny coat, this not only looks good, but it’s a reflection of his health on the inside. — Read Article
Tuesday, 21 January 2020
Green lipped mussels are one of the largest in the mussel family and are found in the waters around New Zealand. The edges or ‘lips’ of the mussel, have a green tinge which is where they get their name from. — Read Article
Friday, 06 December 2019
Dog anxiety can affect all breeds but if left unchecked it could turn into a more serious disorder. Always check with your vet if you notice signs of anxiety in your pup to ensure you pinpoint the cause. — Read Article
Thursday, 05 December 2019
As we approach the holiday season our pets are exposed to disruption of their routines, very often a change of scenery, strangers visiting and the general hustle and bustle at this time of year; PetCalm is a product that has been supporting our pet’s well-being for many years and is a great standby. — Read Article
Posted by: Silberhorn Team
Thursday, 31 October 2019
If you’ve got a big road trip planned, just you and your pooch, you may have imagined it’ll be a dreamy time with Fido poking his head out of the car window and enjoying the air rushing through his fur. In reality, he may get super stressed, constantly whine and may even vomit all over your nicely vacuumed car seat. — Read Article
Friday, 27 September 2019
Pets can suffer from allergies just like humans and if you notice symptoms, you should check out your pet’s diet and environment to eradicate triggers. Silberhorn has a range of health supplements to help keep your pets in tip-top shape. — Read Article
Monday, 02 September 2019
It can take a lot of time, money and effort to get a working dog trained to the peak of his profession. Make sure you look after him with a healthy diet, supplement and exercise regime. — Read Article
Monday, 19 August 2019
There are a number of considerations to be taken into account as we approach spring. Number 1 must be the health risks and it appears rodents have been an issue throughout New Zealand this year. — Read Article
Posted by: Silberhorn Team