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Reihana Haretuka-Testimonials

Reihana Haretuku manning his stall regularly at the Pokeno open air market; he specialises in garden and home workshop tools and equipment. Reihana is in his seventies and needed some support after a total hip replacement, shoulder  reconstruction and a spinal fusion. He enjoys the benefits of SportsVel.


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Dear Silberhorn,

I want to say how much my health (and golf) has improved since I started taking Silberhorn.

I am almost 83 years of age and no one believes it!!! I do not take any ‘medication for pain’ from the doctor anymore. I weaned myself off what was given to me. Thanks again for your product.

Joan, Te Aroha


Dear Silberhorn,

I started taking Silberhorn SportsVel capsules yesterday I only had 2 of them. Last night when I went to stand up I realised there was a hugely reduced amount of pain in my knee and now this morning my knee feels so much better.Thanks again, I had knee surgery 2 years ago and I had part of my kneecap removed and have been in chronic pain with inflammation since then. I have tried many things to relieve the pain and nothing has given much relief.
I am truly amazed at the speed of pain relief with these capsules.

My niece has always had pain in her knees from a young child and has had numerous treatments without success and as a last resort she tried SportsVel capsules a few months ago and said she had minimal pain after the first day. I thought “yeah right”.

I believe her now after my results in one day.

Truly incredible, have a fantastic day.


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Dear Silberhorn

I have been on SportsVel for 6 weeks now taking 2 capsules per day. I am an active sports person, I play competition badminton and do rock n roll dancing which are both hard on the joints. I take SportsVel capsules for recovery after badminton mainly as my legs get quite sore. Since I have been taking SportsVel I have noticed recovery time is quicker and the aches and pains after playing don’t last so long.

Regards John Southland.

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Dear Silberhorn

My sister has had great success with SportsVel for arthritis in her fingers and knees. Just over two years ago I started using SportsVel to see if it  benefited gout which I used to get at least three times a year affecting my ankles and sometimes knees.

I have been on Allopurinol for some time but I still don’t know whether it helped or not and I am still on it. Green-lipped mussels and red wine were definitely no no’s! Anyway two years ago I started on SportsVel and after about two months there appeared to be benefits. Initially I took four  capsules per day but tried cutting it down after about 4 months.

Now I am on one capsule per day and have not had any sign of gout for 2 years (still on Allopurinol). To me it definitely seems to do something,  although I have not read anything about gout in your literature.

Thanks a lot Silberhorn - Kevin

Footnote: Over the many years Silberhorn has been marketing SportsVel we have received regular testimonials in relation to the benefits to those  who suffer from gout. As the benefits are many and varied when supplementing with SportsVel we endeavour to provide an overview in our newsletters.

20 September 2016

Dear Silberhorn,

I would be one of your longest customers you have on record. It would probably be 25 years I have been buying my SportsVel, Bee Pollen and Sleepwell capsules off your firm. I am 78 years old and still walking one hour every dayunless its raining. I have no problems with my hips, back or legs and I give full credit to your SportsVel capsules. I sincerely believe they are the best investment I have had for the last 25 years. Please look back on your records and you will see I am speaking the truth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking after me.

Lorna - Bay of Plenty


Hi Silberhorn,

I just want to say how great the Collagen Pluss is! I’ve been taking them since the 28th August and it’s my birthday today and I went out with a bunch of lady friends and one friend said “girl what have you done to your face and hair you look hot”.

Now I’m 51 today and I just want to say thank you Silberhorn, you made my day and the picture at the top of this email is what my husband bought me for my birthday. I woke up this morning, opened the kitchen window and there she was with a big red bow around her, so nice!

I take two capsules per night with milk, that’s the key, a glass of milk has to be full cream as that makes the capsules slide down easier, then off to sleep I go, it works when the body is asleep.

Thanks again,
Kind regards,


Dear Silberhorn,

Best collagen capsules I ever used! I am only 24 but these have helped so much, my skin is far more plump and firm, any little fine lines I had are gone! My skin is so much more moisturised and it helps so much with pimples. It is a wonderful product and such a good price compared to other brands, would highly
recommend it!


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Dear Silberhorn,

Amazing product, my hair hadn’t grown for almost a year. Now it’s long and healthy just by using the first bottle. Now on to my 3rd bottle. Thank you.


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Dear Silberhorn

Hello! I would like to congratulate you on the Sleepwell product. After having trouble sleeping for years, it is something that I have found really does help.

Sadly I can’t always afford it, but definitely prefer it over sleeping pills (which often result in that groggy feeling the next morning). Have never had that with Sleepwell it helps me get to sleep and wake clear headed the next day.

Lisa, Taranaki.


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Dear Silberhorn

Thought I would write to tell you how marvellous your products are, one in particular that I only started to take in March. It is AntiFlam Pluss which has made me move freely again. In 2009 I broke my big toe which needed almost a complete remodel. There was pain in the big joint in my foot and I was told that the trauma had triggered arthritis. I cannot take the usual medication for this so just kept going. It was okto walk on but afterwards it was bad and over the years it became more painful, swollen and inflamed. I dodged going out knowing I’d have 4 to 5 hours of feeling that my foot was being microwaved.

Then your newsletter arrived and I read it and thought about trying AntiFlam Pluss and the difference was noticable after only three weeks. I take only two capsules daily and now I can once again walk for miles and sleep all night without pain.

The first to go was the heat and then the swelling and lastly the ache except for a few easily ignored twinges. If I took maybe four capsules daily even the twinges would go but the joint is now all ridges and bumps so if it was completely painless. I might with the help of SportsVel and Energy Pluss  overdo the long walks and damage my foot so will stick at taking only two capsules per day. Thank you for making my years in my 80’s so enjoyable, I might try sprinting next week!

Regards Sally

petDear Silberhorn,

Here is a of photo of Jack our gorgeous Huntaway.

We retired Jack off a large farm in the central North Island about 6 years ago. He is now 12 years old and has a bit of arthritis and difficulty breathing when he runs.

Jack has been on Puff Plus - 1 morning and 1 evening, for the past month. He has improved immensely and can at least run around the paddock without rasping and his tongue turning purple!

He is also on Pet Calm and your PetMussel capsules morning and night.

Jack is a really large heavy dog and we are so blessed that he is still alive and reasonably well. We put this down to a good diet and also your wonderful products.

A hard worker in his prime and now retired to well-deserved luxury.

So thank you Silberhorn for keeping this great New Zealander comfortable.

Best Regards



Dear Silberhorn,

Just wanted to give some feedback. When I looked into your Pet Recovery product I read other’s feedback and was sceptical, you read so many things promising so many miracles these days. But I ordered anyway. I have an 11 year entire male Rotty, yes he’s pretty old for his breed, and he was starting to get stiff and look and act old, and living in Taupo winters were getting hard for him. I was wondering how much longer he was going to be with us. We had a new kitten that loves him but always wants to play and he just couldn’t do that. I had to pretty much lift him into the car and at 65kg that’s a tough job, he slept a lot and we couldn’t walk him anymore.

Well he’s been on Pet Recovery for a few months now, and he’s like a pup again!! He bounces out of bed in the morning, happily jumps in the car, and is often found out in the yard playing with ‘his’ kitten!! But most of all, the old pained look has gone from his face, I know now that I am going to get a few more years out of him. So I’m now one of your raving review, have even suggested dad buy some as he is an old guitarist who has arthritis and finds it hard to play anymore. We started him off on 2 tablets twice a day for about 6 weeks and now he has 3 tablets every morning as a stabiliser.

Thank you for your product, I look forward to many more years of trading with you.

Carla, Taupo


Dear Silberhorn,

I have a 13 year old cocker spaniel called Gemma who had injured her back leg and couldn’t get back on her feet again after chasing a cat down the stairs resulting in six weeks cage rest and then arthritis set in. I purchased a bottle of Pet Recovery capsules from Critters pet shop, Kapiti, and Gemma takes
one morning and one at night. She has been taking them three weeks now and is a totally different dog. Thank you for a wonderful product!


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Dear Silberhorn,

Molly the Dog
One of our dogs, a Papillon, has a herniated disc and has to take prednisone. She is now 10 years old and of course there is some inevitable deterioration. I thought I’d try your Pet Recovery product and it has helped greatly, I give her one capsule in the morning and one in the evening sprinkled over her food. She now has more freedom of movement and can go up a short staircase something which recently she’s not been able to do. Her hair has become silkier, it was becoming quite hard and discoloured but that has changed. Thank you for having this product, it’s made a huge difference to Molly the dog!

Erik - Northland

pet1Dear Silberhorn,

Thought I would send a couple of pictures of my beautiful girl, she will be 12 years old next month and loves to chase around the yard with her frisbee like a 5 year old thanks to PetVel. She has been on PetVel for 12 months. We first noticed that after even short walks she was finding it hard to get up from her bed and not wanting to jump on the couch anymore and even her favourite game of frisbee was becoming shorter in length of time played and afterwards she was not so keen on any walks at all, even after a few hours rest.

On her usual trip to the vets for annual checks they said it was an age thing being 12 now and probably arthritis setting in and not much that could be done except don’t overdo her activities too much, so we decided that we would give Silberhorn PetVel a try, not knowing anything about the product.

Well let me say this - one capsule in the morning and one at night with her food to start with and we noticed a remarkable difference in just the second week. The difference was amazing - a complete turnaround and now we can’t keep her inside - just to mention the word frisbee or lead and she is up bouncing around and can’t wait to go play. If anyone else has a dog that’s in the early stages of this crippling arthritis of the joints I strongly recommend giving PetVel a go. Thanks to PetVel my 12 year old has the energy of a three year old and can keep up with my other two younger dogs with no problems what so ever.

Lovin it !!!
Regards, Brian

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Dear Silberhorn

I have to share this with you ....."Girl you look hot" At 66 this is so good to hear...

For years I have been searching for a compatible supplement (I  am sensitive to lots) and have finally found Energy Pluss is the one right for me. It has given me the motivation and self-esteem to move forward  with my life and I have lost weight ... thank you Silberhorn.

After just three weeks of taking two capsules per day I’m feeling good about myself  again :)

Anne - Auckland

Dear Silberhorn,

I would like to sing the praises of two of your products. I have been using Energy Pluss for near on two years now after being diagnosed with an incurable muscle fatigue disease. All conventional medicine could do was mask the pain which also dulls the brain. No good in the workplace which was going to be the next thing to lose in my life. With the help of your product and a sensible rethink of diet and exercise I have been able to resume a normal life.

The next challenge was menopause and all the dramas that came with it. I have been taking Meno-D Pluss for about four months now and have found I am feeling more in control of mood and brain functions much to my family’s relief.

These two products work well in conjunction with each other and I for one cannot afford to be without them. I normally take one tablet of each in the morning, then an Energy Pluss again in the early afternoon and a Meno D Pluss capsule in the evening to aid sleeping. Huge thanks to your brilliant team.

Cheers, Donna, Hawkes Bay


Dear Silberhorn,

Normally I am a person who feels colder than those around me because of low blood pressure but the flushes are that extreme my husband used to keep checking to see if I had an electric blanket switched on!

I have had varying success over the past 4 years with menopause products – those that do work for me I have to wait for up to 4 weeks for them to build in my system so they work with hot flushes. Then after 4 - 5 months I have to change to something else because they lose their effectiveness.

With your product it was a matter of days before it was completely effective, I have recommended it to some others who have been struggling to maintain body temperature.


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Dear Silberhorn,

After a friend from the North Island told me of PuffPluss, I would like to tell you how it has helped me. Early in the winter I had two trips to hospital to have my lungs cleared of two litres of fluid each time. The doctors are not sure why it is building up, but with taking one PuffPluss capsule morning and evening and increasing the capsules to two morning and evening when I felt it was needed, I have managed to keep out of hospital.

I feel my breathing is a lot easier. Yes I really feel this product works for me and am thankful it was recommended to try. I also purchased “Energy Pluss” for my daughter, a busy mother with three children and I am sure it has helped her as well.

Thank you for these wonder ful products.


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Dear Silberhorn

Thank you so much for recommending Dixaflo to me when I was talking to you one day. I had been using a bladder support from another company for some time, but that company had recently gone out of business and I was left high and dry, so to speak.

In conversation with staff at Silberhorn, it was recommended that I try the Dixaflo as it had been purported by others to be of some help. I have to report that this is very true and although it says it is for prostate problems, it works very well on females. I have found it to be of tremendous help and I thank you again for recommending it.  Dixaflo has saved me from trying several things out and finding they don’t work.
This does! 

It helps my bladder so that I don’t have ”accidents”  during the daytime and means that I don’t have to get up so often during the night.  It was recommended that I take one capsule morning and night and this is what I have been doing. I have not had the need to seek advice on upping the dose as yet, and hopefully will not need to.

Shirley, Taupo.


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23 May 2016

Dear Silberhorn,

a few years ago I couldn’t sleep so took prescription sleeping pills. Eventually I noticed mybalance wasn’t good and the doctor said that prolonged use of sleeping pills could affect ones balance. Deciding to stop taking them was easy in fact, doing so was not. After many sleepless nights I almost gave in. I had been taking Magnesium Pluss in the mornings and kept forgetting so decided to take them at night as I was retiring. After a short time I realised I was sleeping just a few hours that gradually increased. No sleeping pills just Magnesium 800 Pluss. Strongly recommend them not only for cramp but for a good restful nights sleep as well. 

Try it – no side effects and doesn’t affect your balance

Thank you Silberhorn.

Bev - South Canterbury