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Green-Lipped Mussel : 60s

Green-Lipped Mussel 60 capsules x 500mg green lipped mussel powder.
Our Green-Lipped Mussel capsules are being produced with a totally new process (FreeoVac cold) this process produces a product that yields a 100% increase of lipids and actives.

New r … Read More »


Omega 3 122s

Omega 3 is the oil from deep sea, cold water fish and contains a marine lipid concentrate which consists of valuable fatty acids essential in a healthy diet. Where fish and fish oil intake is high, as in the Japanese and Eskimo communities the population … Read More »


Shark Cartilage : 60s

Shark Cartilage 60 capsules x 750mg shark cartilage powder.
Sharks are among the healthiest creatures on earth. Shark Cartilage is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorous and proteins with high concentrations of mucopolysaccharides, chondroitin sulph … Read More »


Shark Liver Oil : 100s

Shark Liver Oil 100 capsules x 1000mg
Shark liver oil is a by-product of the commercial fishing quota of shark as a food source. Shark liver oil is naturally rich in alkylglycerols, squalene, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D & E. Alkylglycerols … Read More »


Showing 4 of 4 Products (Page 1 of 1)