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PetRecovery Formula 100 Capsules

Price $35.00

Silberhorn PetRecovery capsules contain a combination of Deer Velvet, Glucosamine and Chrondroiton. Use as a nutritional supplement to assist in keeping your pet in peak condition.  Just administer whole or sprinkle on their food! 

100 capsules 

Suggested Benefits

  • To assist in easing joint pain and inflammation
  • To support natural joint health for aging or arthritic cats or dogs

Recommended Intake:

Dogs    Up to 10kg - 2 capsules

            Up to 30kg - 2-3 capsules

            Up to 50kg - 3-4 capsules

Cats   1 capsule daily


Each gelatine capsule contains:

  • 50mg of pure NZ deer velvet powder
  • 50mg Glucosamine
  • 50mg Chrondroiton


Karen Cummins
08/10/2021 01:45:26
Our Golden Retriever Barley pulled his back knee joint ligament about 2 years ago and was to undergo a total knee joint replacement costing around $2,500. I decided to give Pet Recovery tablets a go and Barley has 4 a day at night sprinkled on his food. So far he has not had to have any surgery at all and runs and jumps around like any normal 9 year old. Thank you your tablets are amazing!! We tell everyone we can with pets about your products. We also add in Deer Velvet to give him an added joint boost.
Sharon Ganderton
26/11/2015 09:33:34
Our 11 yr old Huntaway farm dog had been limping for a year or so & we thought it was the pad on his paw again but after a vet consultation we found that he was suffering from Arthritis & the product they recommended was very very expensive. Pet Recovery was recommended to me when i was visiting health shops to see if they anything for the old boy. My husband did the "Whatever" when i ordered this product & after 3 weeks of big old 'Uncle Chief' having 4 capsules per day he came home from moving the young stock around the hills & said he could not believe the change in the old boy. Chief is so much happier now, he has so more energy & always has a happy smiley face & no more limping. We are now starting our young Jack Russell on these capsules as he has a spinal problem. Thank you Silberhorn for such an amazing product!!!