Pet Corner - Autumn 2019


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Pet Corner - Autumn 2019

Over the Christmas and New Year period PetCalm sales were a standout performer indicating that there is a significant market for natural remedies that don’t involve pharmaceuticals and or chemicals to deal with our pet needs.

This period of the year is tough on our pets as the household routine is turned upside down with the arrival of unfamiliar people, places and very often children. Pets in many ways have human characteristics, they thrive on routine and stability of surroundings.

Pets metabolise much faster than we do, this is very apparent when we supplement their diet with our joint formula products like PetVel which is dried and powdered deer velvet and PetRecovery which is a blend of dried and powdered deer velvet, glucosamine and chondroitin, it is apparent very often within a week that their joints are enjoying a benefit from either of these two products. Many of our customer’s joint formula customers have come to us as a result of observing their pets with joint and mobility issues.

With the onset of winter we need to be mindful of our pet’s needs this is where our pet range of products may be of help.

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