Pet Products

Pet Calm

Just like their owners, pets face stressful situations not always under their control: that loud party next door, a long trip by car or plane, all those fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day! Read more »

Pet Mussel

Use as a nutritional supplement to assist in keeping your pet in peak condition. Read more »

Pet Recovery

A combination of Deer Velvet, Glucosamine and Chrondroiton, PetRecovery assists in the recovery and mobility of joint injuries. Read more »

Pet Shark

PetShark contains Shark Cartilage which is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and proteins. Read more »

Pet Vel

Silberhorn's original pet supplement, Deer Velvet is suitable for domestic and working animals to increase mobility and maintain activity. Read more »

Pet Garlic

As you may have noticed we have reintroduced our Pet Garlic product; we discontinued this a few years ago, due to customer demand we have reintroduced this product. Read more »

Pet Omega3

There are numerous health benefits for our pets when omega3 is included in the diet; just one capsule per day or in the form of fresh fish or grass-fed red meat. Read more »