Learn How to Enrich and Prolong Your Beloved Cats Life


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Learn How to Enrich and Prolong Your Beloved Cats Life
19 December 2018, 02:06

Although cats are natural predators and we associate them with roaming the outdoors, they can live a very happy life indoors if given the right stimulation and can even live longer due to not being exposed to car pollutants, other predators and possible diseases passed from other wildlife. If your cat has lived indoors since being a kitten, he will know no different and if you wish to keep them indoors from an older age, there are many ways to keep your feline happy and healthy.

With a little research and effort, you can make the indoors of your home a fun, exciting place for your cat to roam. From kitty toys, supplements and just the way you set out your furniture -- these can all help to make your home a purrrrrfect playground.

Create a Personalised Kitty Space

We all need our own space and cats are no different. Although they may seem to sleep anywhere, having their own personal bed cosied away from prying eyes will give your cat a sense of security. It doesn’t have to be an expensive cat bed (although that is an option), it could be a box filled with a blanket or an elevated homemade perch, so he can look down on his surroundings which cats love to do.

Channel His Inner Predator

Cats were made to hunt and before we invited them into our homes, they used to have to find their own dinners. They still have their natural predatory instincts and love to chase small, furry things – great if you have a problem with mice! If there are no furry creatures for him to chase, fulfill his hunting desires by getting him feathers, furry toys or long wands with threads on you can flick about for him to chase.

Add Natural Health Supplements to His Diet

Natural health supplements can have a range of benefits for your feline including; keeping their coat silky, assisting in the prevention of arthritis and supporting healthy bones and teeth. If your cat suffers from anxiety or stress in new situations, a calming health supplement can also be given to help them adjust.

Give Them Places to Climb

If you have money to invest, you can purchase indoor climbing systems for your cat that mimic conditions outdoors. If not, you can create your own with boxes, intertwined branches and platforms attached high up so they can survey their surroundings.

Provide a Scratching Pole

If you’ve ever had a cat, you’ve quite possibly had a sofa ruined with their scratch marks! Scratching is a natural behaviour by felines helping them to stretch out, keep their claws in shape and mark their territory. You can buy ready-made scratch poles from a vet supply stores, or make your own with a mix of carpet pieces, cardboard and sisal rope.