Joint Health

Joint Health
31 May 2016, 17:31

image_8Restoring and maintaining joint health at zero cost with many of the joint health issues we experience as we travel along the path of life can be mitigated by a number of very basic and substantially free minor changes to our daily routine.

Exercise doesn’t need to be gym membership, sports clubs and organised sport, it can be just minor changes to the daily routine, taking the stairs instead of a lift, taking the dog for a walk, walking to the shops rather than driving or riding a bike or parking in the remote regions of the shopping centre car park and walking there and back.

Overloading joints by jogging, running and extreme exercise can very often compound joint health issues, whereas gentle  exercise builds up muscle tone, connective tissue condition and supporting joint alignment. Exercise also promotes the joint’s natural lubrication process which prolongs and supports joint health by mitigating joint damage and wear. In summary use it or we lose it.

We now go onto another factor that affects joint health, body weight. We can be too thin or heavier than the human structural frame can comfortably support. If we are too light we may not have the muscle necessary to support our structure and the flexibility of our many joints. The skeleton supporting hydraulics are our muscles and connective tissues they need to be sufficient to support joint function and strong enough to minimise the loading within joints. We all lift and carry as we go through our day; weak or brittle connective tissue and muscle may result in joint pain and damage.

Our structure resembles industrial machinery in many ways, but machinery wears with use, ours bodies thrive on healthy  exercise and regular movement which promotes healthy joints especially when combined with a healthy diet.

There are numerous other ongoing benefits from regular exercise including a reduction in anxiety, depression, weight gain and hunger pangs.

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