HC2-500 Joint Formula

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HC500 joint formula in a convenient capsule containing collagen hydrolysate, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, selenium and boron.

HC-500 may help support your joint health naturally. May assist in restoring comfort, strength and mobility. 

HC-500 Contains:

Collagen (bovine) hydrolysate type 2 maybe particularly beneficial for joint health and connective tissues. Collagen hydrolysate has been processed to enable the collagen to be readily absorbable naturally by the body, thereby providing the important peptides and amino acids into joints and muscles where they are needed.

Vitamin C may help increase the production and retention of collagen and is essential for healthy cartilage and tissues in the body.

Hyaluronic Acid assists in lubricating connective tissue and feeds synovial fluid the lubricant essential for joint function and scope of movement, restoring joint flexibility also comfort.

Selenium promotes cell health to help maintain connective tissue, joint function and cardiovascular health.

Boron supports bone health by promoting the retention of calcium and minerals.

The recommended daily dosage of HC500 is 1- 5 capsules daily with food.

60 capsules per bottle.

If symptoms persist consult with your healthcare professional.

Not recommended if pregnant or breastfeeding.


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