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Asparagus has a history going back over 2000 years. It originated in the eastern Mediterranean; in its wild form it was much smaller than the asparagus we know today.

Archaeologists have traced its cultivation back to ancient Egypt; historic records show its popularity in the royal courts of Europe and it was particularly popular with Louis XIV of France. It grows particularly well in a temperate climate like New Zealand and Europe. From the time  asparagus is first planted, it might take 3 years to produce a crop and the plant will produce as long as 12 years once mature. Asparagus has been known to grow more than 100 mm per day.

We can quite comfortably describe asparagus as a super food. It is low in calories and it’s a good source of essential nutrients that boost our immune system. It is high in folate, vital for a healthy pregnancy; vitamin K for our cardiovascular system, vitamin C, vitamin E and fibre to support digestion, it may also support healthy blood pressure and weight loss.

Excessive consumption might result in gas and may contribute towards gas odour. It can be eaten raw in salads; but like many foods, cooking enhances the antioxidant benefits including weight loss and digestion benefits.

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