Natural Pure Emu Oil versus Sunscreen

Natural Pure Emu Oil versus Sunscreen

Many of our customers have asked if emu oil contains sunblock, as they have noticed that the emu oil has provided them with protection from the sun. We have conducted testing and discovered that Emu oil has a natural sun factor of SPF8.

Emu Oil is viscous oil at lower temperatures (like the consistency of cooking oil at room temperature) but a small amount covers a large area of skin at body temperature; the oil is very thin after applying to skin. It provides protection for the skin against dehydration by the sun. This is very good news especially for those of you who are concerned about all the chemicals contained in regular sunscreens. If you are accidentally sun burnt emu oil is a very good choice to mitigate the damage, pain and to prevent peeling; keep a bottle on hand for summer, ideal for all burns where the skin is not broken. We recommend it for people undergoing radiation treatment, as very often the skin is burnt and scarred.

Many commercially sold skin creams contain mineral oil this substance allows the creams to be of a high viscosity which makes the cream slippery and easy to apply, this in turn makes an in-penetrable film on your skin which can block pores and your skin’s natural respiration process. Blocked pores may lead to blackheads and pimples; it may also block the absorption of any beneficial ingredients that might exist in the product. You may have heard the saying “if you can’t eat it then don’t put it on your skin”!

Pure Emu Oil contains no additives and is comedogenic (won’t block the pores of your skin) and is totally natural and can be used on any skin irritation from eczema through to sunburn and will ease any itchiness or soreness. It also makes a great night oil for the eyes and eyelashes and it won’t come off on your bedding. Nobody should be without a bottle of emu oil in their first aid kit, or makeup bag.

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