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Add Emu Oil to your Skin Care Regime to Help Smooth, Soften and support Repair of the Skin


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Add Emu Oil to your Skin Care Regime to Help Smooth, Soften and support Repair of the Skin
2 July 2019, 12:17

Emu oil can be bought and used in many forms including; a pure oil, face creams, a relief balm and in capsule form. All have amazing benefits for your body inside and out and emu oil as a health supplement has been used for years by indigenous Australian aborigines as a moisturiser and to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Emu oil health supplements may support in; lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation and pain, fighting infection and boosting the immune system, aiding in intestinal function, promoting healthy nails and skin and improving the look and feel of the skin. Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it’s recognised as an aid to relieve and help repair a number of skin conditions including; psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks, scars, burns, wrinkles and sun damage.

Why Does Emu Oil Benefit Your Skin?

Made up of almost 100% triglyceride lipid, this is a fatty compound almost identical to the fatty acids found in human skin, meaning it absorbs into the skin way faster than other high-street creams and moisturisers. Recent studies have also shown that it may actively aid in skin regeneration and reduce swelling from inflammation.

Alongside the fat lipids, emu oil contains;

  • Linoleic acid. This is thought to ease joint and muscle pain
  • Vitamin A. Has antioxidant properties and may support in skin repair
  • Terpines. Recognised for its antiseptic properties
  • Oleic acid. May aid in smoothing out wrinkles and regenerating new skin cells
  • Sapogens. Helps to soften skin

How to Use Emu Oil to Enhance Your Skin

Emu oil is a natural health supplement that can be taken orally in tablet form or applied to the face using a cream or balm. Whether you’re young or old, emu oil can benefit your skin helping to regenerate new cells plus; improving signs of ageing, helping your skin to recover from sun damage and even aiding the recovery from scars or itchy skin conditions.

If you have an emu oil face cream or balm, this can applied directly to the skin and used as your daily moisturiser. Pure emu oil can also be added directly onto the body;

  • Apply directly to the skin or hair as a deep, penetrating moisturiser
  • Add a few drops into a bath to help soften the skin and relieve any skin conditions
  • Use as a makeup remover
  • Rub onto dry, cracked or chafed areas of skin
  • Smooth emu oil cream under the eyes to aid in reducing puffiness
  • You can even add a few drops of emu oil to smoothies or a salad

Emu oil has a host of benefits for the body inside and out. With so many natural health benefits, it’s well worth adding it to your skincare and supplementation regime.