Collagen has Multiple Benefits for Men and it May Prevent Hair Thinning and Slow Greying!


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Collagen has Multiple Benefits for Men and it May Prevent Hair Thinning and Slow Greying!
17 May 2019, 20:41

While collagen supplements and products containing collagen are all usually marketed towards women stating; ‘get a youthful glow’, ‘shiny hair’ and ‘strong nails’ etc. As a man you may never have thought of taking it yourself, as perfect skin and nails are not high on your agenda.

The thing is, collagen rich foods or collagen health supplements have a host of other benefits to help repair, build and heal your body inside and out. And as you age, your joints, muscles and digestion may not be working as efficiently as when you were in your 20s, with depleting collagen supplies in your body play a part in this.

If age is creeping up on you and you’re experiencing achy joints, slow recovery times after exertion, low energy, digestive issues and even your hair starting to thin – maybe getting some collagen in your life could be just what you need.

Prevent Hair Thinning and Slow Greying

The root of each hair on your body sits in the dermis and collagen makes up 70% of this! Collagen supports the elasticity and strength of the dermis and as it depletes when you age, this could be a contributing factor to hair thinning.

Collagen has anti-oxidant properties, which may repel cell damage and help to slow greying. Your genetics play a huge role in whether you will go grey, but poor diet, stress and environmental pollutants can also be factors. The antioxidants in collagen will help your body fight the free radicals which can contribute to hair greying.

Improve Joint Health

Collagen is present in all our connective tissues in or bodies including; skin, tendons, ligaments muscles and even bones. Our body naturally produces collagen, but as we age production declines and this is why we may experience joint pain, stiffness and longer time needed to recover from injuries.

Joints rely on the cushioning in our joints to allow us to run, jump and move around without pain and with less collagen this cushioning can get thinner and weaker. If you love to play sports, or just want to help improve that niggling joint stiffness, a collagen supplement could help you out.

Enhance and Support Gut Health

Having poor gut health can lead to problems with your physical and mental health. Irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and stress can all cause inflammation in the gut and collagens anti-inflammatory properties may help combat this

Can Support Muscle Growth and Exercise Recovery

If you love to go to the gym, I’m sure you’ll know that you need an adequate amount of protein to support growth. Collagen supplements contain around 90% protein and contain arginine which will help to widen and relax blood vessels, aiding in muscle recovery. Being anti-inflammatory, collagen will also help those sore muscles recover faster, getting you ready for the next round of punishment in the gym!