5 Reasons Your Supplements May Not Be Working


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5 Reasons Your Supplements May Not Be Working
7 April 2021, 04:10

Are you taking supplements to boost your overall health? That’s great if you are, but you must be aware there are certain ways to take your supplements, to ensure you get full benefit. Many people are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals without even knowing it.

Today’s hectic lifestyles and increased environmental instability are contributing factors. If you follow a strict diet or don’t have time to eat balanced meals, supplements are the best way to fill in the gaps. But how do you know if your supplements are actually working and worth the money? Here are some reasons your supplements may not be having the full effect.

You Buy Low Quality Supplements

Not all supplements are made equal. While it might feel great to get a bargain buying at a real low price, there might also be a reason they are such a low price. Some cheap supplement suppliers put such minimal quantities of nutrients into a product, it’s hardly worth taking. See how you feel after three months of taking a certain supplement. If no effects, try a different, better quality brand.

Supplements are Not Stored Correctly

If you store your supplements in the bathroom, high humidity may change their composition. If you store your supplements in extreme hot or cold temperatures, this can lessen their effectiveness. Always be mindful of where you store your supplements and keep them in the original container. Pill containers are custom made to block light, which can also alter effectiveness if overexposure happens.

Your Supplements Have Lost Their Potency

While supplements should not actually go bad when out of date, there is a chance they’ll lose their potency. If you find expired capsules in your home, resist the urge to finish them off. Mix them into the trash with items like coffee grounds, dirt or cat litter to ensure they’re unpalatable for others to ingest.

The Capsules or Tablets Are Extremely Large

Experts state that certain large sized capsules or tablets are not good to take because they don’t break down easily in the body. If a supplement is unable to be digested, your body won’t benefit from the vitamins or minerals inside. Also, some large capsules are packed with unnatural additives that don’t have any positive effect.

You’re solely Dependent on Supplements

Supplements are meant to fill in the nutritional gaps supporting your diet. You should never completely rely on taking supplements, because they are no substitute for eating healthy meals. Other areas of your life to work on are; stress levels, reducing smoking and alcohol and getting enough exercise. If you don’t work on leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s likely your supplements won’t work as well as you’d hoped.