Why A Consistent Sleep Schedule Benefits Your Health?


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Why A Consistent Sleep Schedule Benefits Your Health?
14 May 2021, 15:13

Getting a good night’s sleep can be the difference between winning or losing the next day. I’m sure you’ve experienced the struggle, when you had a sleepless night. Everything you try and do the next day just seems a whole lot harder.

Not only does a good sleep schedule keep you functioning at an optimal level, it’s also great for your health including your immune system. A recent study, showed those that sleep less than six hours a night are 4.2 more times likely to catch a cold, than those sleeping a regular eight hours a night.

A Sleep Schedule Promotes Heart Health

If you have a sleep schedule that’s all over the place, this puts you at a higher risk of heart disease and heart attacks according to experts. Irregular sleep patterns also mess up your circadian rhythm, which tells our brain when to fall asleep and wake up.

Aim to get your sleep patterns into a regular cycle. This will not only promote heart health, but also elevate your mood during the day, give you more energy and help you to keep focused. Here are some ways to fall asleep a little easier;

  • Limit website and smartphone usage the hour before bed. The light from electronic devices mimics daylight which can make us stay awake
  • Listen to some calming music or ASMR videos. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) promotes a relaxing and often sedative response, that can begin as a tingling in the scalp or body, promoting calm and sleep
  • Avoid heavy meals and large quantities of alcohol before bed. Although alcohol may initially knock you out, you’ll often wake and not be able to sleep again

How to Improve Your Sleep Schedule with Supplements?

If you’ve tried the above methods and still have trouble sleeping, natural supplements may help. Here’s some recommended sleep-inducing supplements to try out;

  • Magnesium. Taking a magnesium supplement may increase the quality and length of your sleep. It’s found to have a relaxing effect on the brain, body and muscles
  • Melatonin. While we produce melatonin naturally in our bodies, our levels can be affected due to jet lag or when there is less light. If your sleep cycle has been disrupted, a melatonin supplement may be effective
  • Valerian root. While experts are divided, some menopausal women in one study saw improvements in their sleep quality after supplementing with valerian