Having trouble sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping?

Silberhorn Sleepwell As the name suggests a product to relax and settle us

for a restful night's sleep and to re-establish healthy sleep patterns.

It can also be used during the day,

One to three capsule to balance the ups and downs (anxiety, panic and depression) of day to day life, flattening the spikes and

helping restore perspective to life, tempering

the turmoil and allowing us to think more

clearly, helping us to cope through those stressful periods of life.

Another totally natural blend of

herbs in a  convenient capsule by Silberhorn, that was originally designed

to support a sound night’s sleep and the

re-establishing healthy sleep patterns. But like many products we produce our customers have found other benefits like day time anxiety, jet lag and day to day stress and pressure; you wake refreshed

and ready to face the day or cope with what life serves up throughout the day without the use of drugs and chemicals very

often you wake groggy and lacking energy.

To find out more about Silberhorn Sleepwell please visit us at: www.silberhorn.co.nz