Why does the body need oxygen to sustain it?


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The answer to this is; the fuel we consume (food) is converted into energy to power body function.  We are basically a fuel cell producing energy; the resulting by-products are CO2 and of course body waste.

It is important to exercise our joints and muscles generally but, specifically our lungs and chest, they are interdependent, as we move around through the course of the day we are building up our aerobic strength, strengthening both lung function and muscle tone.  Our connective tissue also becomes healthier and suppler and less prone to injury both from tearing and straining.

The main reason our mobility and strength decline is joint comfort and joint pain, we tend to become less active when we are experiencing joint discomfort and joint pain.

This can result in a spiralling down of our strength, mobility and overall well-being.

As we age this can become a more serious issue as it is harder to bounce back; supplements that contain food for the joints like IGF1, trace elements, minerals and amino acids, may slow age related degeneration, promoting strength, mobility and well-being.

The prolonged use of anti-inflammatories, steroids and pain-killers should be avoided and the side effects associated with these products should be discussed with your healthcare professional