Puff Pluss - Supporting Lung Function & the Respiratory System


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Puff Pluss - Supporting Lung Function & the Respiratory System
26 November 2014, 14:38

Silberhorn initially specialised in products to support joint health and the immune system, overtime we expanded our product range to include PuffPluss to support lung function and the respiratory system enabling people to cut back and in many cases eliminate the use of steroid inhalers, thereby reducing the long term health compromising side effects of steroids. Lung function and respiratory health robs us of the puff we need to enjoy life; which ages us prematurely. PuffPluss gives us a choice, health compromising drugs and chemicals or a health promoting blend of herbs in a convenient capsule form that stimulate the vagus nerve; thereby clearing congestion and inflammation, opening up the airways naturally, relieving the stress associated with oxygen starvation.

Memory loss is another result of the aging process; it’s very often accelerated by the breakdown of our body’s communication network, our neurological pathways (the shorting out of 
the body’s electrical signals). The insulation that separates the nerve fibre (axons) from the myelin sheath; this shorting out is rather like the shorting out of the wiring loom within our car; strange things can happen, loss of connection, lights go out, engine won’t start, radios and sound systems make funny noises or don’t work; insulation is just so important, for a car to function, just like it is for healthy body function. The pathways within the brain that regulate our body’s and are the very essence of life that allows us to feel, move, hear, speak and see; both short term and long term memory are dependent on these pathways to and from the brain. The myelin sheath and the glial cells that house and insulate the nervous system and the maintenance of the nervous system require an adequate supply of fatty acids, especially omega3; EPA and DHA, appear to be the most useful within the nervous system.