Lung Function and PuffPluss

Lung Function and PuffPluss

Clearing the lungs to promote general good health.

The lungs are an amazing organ for a number of reasons; both due to their structure and the way they function in exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide. Considering that we often breathe dusty air and sometimes breathe through our mouth (thus bypassing the filtering effect of the nose), it is remarkable that our respiratory tubes don’t gunk up.

When we get an allergy, smoke too much, get a cold or asthma or have too little exercise – lung function and respiration may go wrong, we then realise our breathing is in trouble. Coughing fits are the body’s attempt to clear the airways. Constant coughing and wheezing are surprisingly bad at dehydrating body fluids. Have you noticed constipation often goes with a hacking cough? (Never diarrhoea or we could be in big trouble.)

Tens of thousands of people in New Zealand and around the world have experienced the benefits of Silberhorn PuffPluss. PuffPluss is a blend of natural herbs that stimulate the vagas nerve opening up congested airways and decongesting, thereby easing breathing difficulties.

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