Taking care of the prostate gland

Taking care of the prostate gland

Dixaflo (Natural Prostate Support) By Silberhorn contains:- Saw Palmetto, long recognised for the treatment of enlarged prostates, treating symptoms like frequent and painful urination, relaxing the smooth muscle at the bladder outlet.

Zinc-for the immune system and skin health.

Selenium- for cardiovascular health, digestion, prostate health, skin and hair. B5- for hormone balance, skin health, cholesterol levels and healthy digestion. B6 – heart health, cholesterol balance and kidney function.

Dandelion- liver and kidney function, digestion, cholesterol, immune support, cardiovascular health, it is also a natural anti-inflammatory.

Horsetail- bladder and urinary function, skin, bone and teeth health, also kidney health.

Magnesium- muscle and nerve function, heart, immune system, bone health and blood sugar levels.

Crataeva- for incontinence, bladder control and prostate health, a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Epilobium Paruiflorum- normalise prostate size, normalises urine flow promoting bladder control.

Dixaflo may ease prostate symptoms and promote ongoing prostate health and performance; it is still important to undergo regular examinations even though symptoms have eased.

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