Top Tips to Keep Your Working Dog in Shape


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Top Tips to Keep Your Working Dog in Shape
2 September 2019, 15:17

If You’ve Spent the Time, Money and Effort to Train Your Dog, Keep Him in Peak Condition with These Tips

Maybe you have a working farm dog who helps you round up the cattle. You may have a dog that has been trained as a guide dog or support dog. Maybe he’s been trained up to be a super brave police or army dog. Or maybe you’ve trained him up for competitions and spent a lot of time working on his obedience training.

Whatever type of work your dog has been trained for, it’s likely to of take a lot of time, money and effort to get him where he is and he’s put the work in as well, so deserves the best care! Just like human’s, dogs will need repetition training to ensure they don’t forget what they’ve been taught. Alongside his constant training, he’ll need a great health maintenance plan to keep him alert and strong.

Schedule Him a Regular Exercise Plan

If your dog works on a farm with you, it’s likely he gets a ton of exercise running around daily keeping the cattle in check. The same goes if he’s a working dog in the forces – he’ll probably undergo a regular training schedule.

For show dogs and support dogs, they may need more of a scheduled exercise plan. Make sure you vary his routine making some of his exercise more care-free where he can run about and have fun. Mix it up with time out by a beach, in green areas and let him experience all different sights and sounds.

Feed Quality Food and Supplements

Depending on the breed of your dog and the level of his physical activity daily, you’ll need to work out the correct amount of food to feed him to keep him energised and strong. Feed him too much and let him sneakily eat table scraps, you could end up with an overweight pup who’d rather sleep than do his duties.

Natural health supplements are another great way to support your working dogs health. He’ll need healthy joints, bones and muscles and a supplement containing glucosamine, deer velvet and chondroitin will keep him moving freely. A good pet omega-3 supplement will help to support his skin, hair, eyes, heart, immune system and joints.

Allow Him Time to Socialise and Play

Your dog may have been trained as a working dog but they are social, fun loving animals at heart. Take him to the park where he can hang out with other doggy friends and get him a few funky toys to throw about and chase. All work and no play makes any of us pretty unhappy, so he’ll love you even more if you allow him that time to let loose.

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