A well-functioning Immune System will Keep your Pup Healthy and Happy


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A well-functioning Immune System will Keep your Pup Healthy and Happy
16 January 2019, 21:09

If your dog’s immune system is not working well, he can be more susceptible to a host of diseases like; diabetes, cancer, infections, osteoarthritis and general stomach and coat problems. A strong immune system will detect and work to protect the body from harmful pathogens like bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses.

Without the support of a healthy immune system, your pup may get ill more easily as he can’t fight off the harmful stuff. A prolonged low immune system can cause chronic inflammation and leave the body open to disease. To help build up your canine’s immune system, apply the few simple steps listed below.

Keep Your Dog Fit

If your dog is storing excess fat, this can weaken the immune system and in turn make him lethargic. Make sure he gets out for a long walk daily and he gets to play with a ball or his favourite toy regularly. If you’re unsure how much exercise your dog should have for his age, breed and fitness, consult your vet for targeted advice.

Feed Your Dog quality Food and Healthy Treats

What your dog eats will have a massive influence on how healthy his immune system is. Hundreds of species of bacteria live in the gut, which are widely affected by the diet and will affect health if there’s an imbalance.

Dogs are designed to eat a moist, meat based diet but a lot of commercial foods contain dry, starchy biscuits which can promote inflammation. Try to give your dog meals containing fresh meat and vegetables and eliminate grain and starch (if possible). Consult with your vet for specific needs for your breed.

Administer Natural Health Supplements

Natural health supplements for your dog are a great way to help boost his immune system and keep his joints moving freely. Supplements with added garlic and omega-3 will help to support the immune system, improve cardiovascular health, improve circulation and increase parasite resistance.

Give Him Some Puppy Love

Although no studies have been done with dogs, in humans massage has been shown to contribute towards ‘enhanced immune function’. It’s possible that dogs could get the same benefits, but don’t think you have to rush him off to an expensive doggy-pamper parlour. Just give him a good stroke and a cuddle after a long day, which will promote relaxation, healing and hopefully a little boost with his immune system.