Pet Safety - Considerations this spring


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Pet Safety - Considerations this spring

There are a number of considerations to be  taken into account as we approach spring. Number 1  must be the health risks and it appears rodents have been an issue throughout New Zealand this year.

dog-race-fun-animal-38632The options to deal with them have included poison, bait and trapping. Clearing the traps is not really an issue, but poisoned rats and mice might be a significant risk to our pets as the poisoned rodents tend to travel after poisoning depending on the amount and type.

This might pose a significant risk to our pets if they ingest the poison or the poisoned dead or dying rodents. Pets may come into contact with poisoned rodents and proceed to hunt and hassle them which is another significant risk.

The poisoned bait blocks that are very often used should be retained within a bait station restricting access to rats and mice size animals. These bait stations are available from most hardware and farm supply stores. If feeling like a DIY option, a 60 to 80 mm plastic pipe cut into 300 mm lengths approximately, with two holes drilled one each side in the centre to put a wire through, will serve two purposes. One to secure the homemade trap to the ground and the other to retain the bait block within the centre of the plastic pipe. Thereby, restricting contact by children, pets and preventing the weather degrading the bait and leaching into the soil.

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