Pet Corner - Winter 2018


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Silberhorn Newsletter M_A_M 2016HR-69 copyOne of the really nice aspects of life within Silberhorn is the extent of personal contact via our phone network, email, fax and good old basic snail mail.

We were reminiscing with two of our long standing customers recently and discussing how they introduced their aging pets to SportsVel. Both Noel and John had faithful friends who were getting on in years; Noel’s Weimaraner Labrador cross was 12 and John’s was a Staffie Foxy cross 5 years old with spinal issues. John figures he got an extra 5 years of companionship with her and Noel got an extra 3 years hunting and companionship with his.

Both of these dogs started on the human capsules size of SportsVel after witnessing the rapid improvement they bought the speciality pet version PetVel.

John inherited another dog a German Pincer cross not to be confused with a Doberman, he is a foxy shape and size, he had a problem with one leg so walked like a dog with three legs, after taking the product he is now walking normally on four legs.

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