Pet Corner - Summer 2017

Pet Corner - Summer 2017

As we pass through spring into summer the health maintenance of our companions raises new challenges that include various parasites that flourish in the warmer weather to name but a few; fleas and ticks, there are natural options to mitigate the impact on our pets hence the garlic special.Dog

Garlic benefits our pets in a number of ways it makes their blood less palatable for the likes of ticks and fleas, it also has the added benefit in respect of the winds of change (flatulence) which can certainly change the environment and atmosphere within the room, be careful to start off with small doses and closely monitor the results.

Various breeds of pets suffer flatulence to a greater extent than others bulldogs, boxers, basset hounds, cocker spaniels, blood hounds, beagles and pugs tend to be more affected than others. Change of diet, poor digestion of food, poor quality food, scavenging and an excessive amount of cereal in their diet may contribute to the issue; exercise, grooming, garlic and monitoring their diet may help deal to the winds of change.

Raw manuka honey for our pets in small doses may provide health benefits both topically on wounds or skin damage. Administer in small doses depending on size, no more than a teaspoon as food and not suitable for dogs under one year of age;

May aid digestion, may reduce allergies and support energy levels; but we must always bear in mind our cats and dogs are primarily carnivores, their teeth, digestion and general metabolism is that of a carnivore so raw and natural are very often the best option.

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