Pet Corner Summer 2015

Pet Corner Summer 2015
1 December 2015, 03:02

Cats, dogs and other companion animals suffer many of the same conditions we may experience as we travel along the path of life.

As we have mentioned before dental health, gum disease and decay are a significant cause of many of our health compromising conditions; our pets also have gum and tooth issues.

There is a growing school of thought amongst vets and pet owners that natural is best and when we study our pets in a natural environment we can see that their diet was very different to that of a domesticated pet of today.

Highly processed foods, cereals rather than the food of the hunter, raw flesh and bone; for dogs the process of chewing on bone, gristle, skin and flesh is a natural cleaning and health maintenance process. Similarly for cats having something to exercise the jaw and teeth on may just be what your pet needs to restore oral health.

Some of the signs to look for that may indicate oral health issues are changes in behaviour, loss of appetite, lack of interest in the food bowl, reduced grooming and preening. Thick ropey saliva, blood on items they may have chewed, blood in water dish, bleeding around the mouth and gum regions, bad breath and a general tenderness in the region of the tongue and mouth and favouring one side when chewing, aggression and grumpiness and a change in sleep patterns.

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