Pet Corner Autumn 2016


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Pet Corner Autumn 2016
2 March 2016, 22:22

We hear much about the benefits of nutrition to sustain pet health, as you all know we have a range of supplements that support pet health and are particularly suited for cats and dogs.

It is interesting to see that research is being conducted around the world to study the effects of various supplements. One Canadian study in particular conducted over 13 weeks at the University of Montreal showed significant improvement in joint health, comfort and flexibility for the dogs suffering from joint health issues when
they supplemented their diet with omega3 fish oil.

There is no placebo effect with pets, so in many ways they may be easier to study apart from the detailed verbal responses.
Researchers must rely on observation rather than interviews.

Many of our customers with pets became customers when trying their dogs with mobility and joint health issues on SportsVel for humans; the improvement was much faster as cats and dogs metabolise many times faster than humans do.

The Canadian study is interesting as we have two products that contain omega 3; PetMussel (green-lipped mussel) and
Pet Omega3 (fish oil). PetVel and Pet Recovery are also worthwhile supplements to try on your cat or dog if they have joint health and mobility issues.

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