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If Your Dog’s Coat is Looking Dull and Lifeless, it could mean he Needs a Health Maintenance Plan


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If Your Dog’s Coat is Looking Dull and Lifeless, it could mean he Needs a Health Maintenance Plan
2 July 2019, 12:40

Dogs can’t tell us if they’re not feeling 100% but other factors may become apparent like; a dull and lifeless coat, your pup isn’t eating his food or maybe he just doesn’t seem to have as much energy as usual. As a doggy parent you’ll learn to notice these signs as not normal when they arise and once you know what to look for, you can do something about it.

If your dog usually has a glossy coat and you suddenly notice it’s become coarse and dull, it could point to an underlying problem or you may just need to put a maintenance plan in place. Always get him checked out at the vet to rule out any health problem. Like we go to the hairderessers, wash and condition our hair and try to eat nutrient rich foods to support our health, your dog needs to be looked after himself (as he’d rather be rolling around in a field if you don’t do it for him!) Here’s how you can get the gloss back into your pups life.

Groom and Bathe Him Regularly

Dogs are not like cats that are continually cleaning and grooming their fur, a dog will happily run around with muddy, matted and dull fur as long as you let him. Aim to bathe him once a month, as you don’t want to strip essential oils from his coat which could lead to more dryness.

You should groom your dog every few days or every day if he has a particularly long coat or gets muddy daily. Grooming will detangle the fur, rid him of dead skin cells and help him leave less hair around the house!

Feed Him Nutritious Food and an Omega 3/6 Health Supplement

Depending on their breed, dogs will need varying amounts of food and nutrients in their diet. These should come from a quality food source and it’s always advisable to check out reviews of the food you give to your dog and check with your vet to see if its suitable for his breed.

Giving your pup a natural health supplement like omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acid could do wonders for his coat also. Omega-6 helps to promote healthy skin and fight infection and omega-3 can aid in easing arthritis pain, inflammation, boost his mood and of course help to bring the shine to his coat.

If you’ve done all the above and your pups coat is still looking dull and lifeless, it could mean he has an underlying health condition. Another nasty to look out for is fleas, parasites or ticks. If he’s itching a lot and acting not himself then definitely take him to the vet for a check over.