How to Keep a Senior Dog Healthy and Fit?


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How to Keep a Senior Dog Healthy and Fit?
4 June 2021, 16:02

Getting older is a fact of life for humans and our beloved dogs. While you can’t stop your pup from getting older, you can definitely make him a little more comfortable so he enjoys his senior years. As a dog ages, his needs will change.

Which means the care you give your senior dog needs to be altered. Let’s take a look at simple ways to keep your senior dog healthy and fit.

Support Your Senior Dogs Health with Supplements

Health supplements are not meant to replace a healthy diet but should be used to fill in any gaps. As a dog gets older he’ll benefit from joint, brain and body support. Beneficial supplements include;

  • Probiotics. These are helpful for a dog’s immune system and digestion
  • Omega-3s. Omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory effect and may help to reduce joint pain due to arthritis
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin. Both these supplements aid in protecting and strengthening joint cartilage

Avoid Weight Gain by Reducing Calorie Intake

Your senior dog is probably starting to slow down a little. While this is ok, his calorific intake needs to be adjusted to avoid weight gain. Obesity is common in senior dogs and will only lead to more health problems if not addressed.

Avoid Switching Furniture and Leaving Clutter on the Floor

As a dog ages, his sight, hearing and smell also starts to deteriorate. By now, your dog will be used to the furniture layout and if you move things frequently or leave clutter about, his weak eyesight may cause him to bump into things.

Keep Him Mobile with Regular but Gentle Exercise

Daily walks exercise your ageing pup’s muscles and provide mental stimulation. As an older dog, it’s important to keep mobile, but long or high impact activities should be avoided. Too much exercise may impact his already fragile joints and he probably doesn’t have the energy anymore to race about anyway.

Add Non-Slip Runners to Hard Floors

If you have wooden or tiled floors, your senior dog may find it hard to walk over the surface without slipping. A slip on a hard floor will be painful and may make your dog anxious about walking over a hard floor again. Consider placing a non-slip runner or rug over hard floors to help your pup keep his grip.