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28 February 2015, 13:28

There has been a considerable amount of publicity recently relating to analysis of omega3 supplement products sold in New Zealand. It is unfortunate that journalism in New  Zealand both print media, radio and television has been reduced to sound bite snippets (sound bite journalism), the headlines are flashed across the screen with little or no substance. It appears that the products and brands that made the poorest showing were imported from Asia or Australia; this type of publicity is unfortunate and demeans the entire sector.

We at Silberhorn sell only New Zealand manufactured soft-gel omega3 products; they are produced in an MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) regulated factory, all products are thoroughly tested before processing (including heavy metals), packaging and labelling; all packaging is clearly marked with use by date and batch number.

We regularly discuss with you storage and handling of supplements, the same principles apply to all food products and problems may arise due to storage in warm areas also storage that exposes packages to heat and sunlight; window sills, storage adjacent to cooking facilities, handling of product and exposing it to skin, or unclean surfaces then returning to the bottle and lids left off exposing product to the atmosphere for prolonged periods. Even before you purchase from retail outlets be aware of the shelf storage within the shop, does it expose the package to heat or sunlight, heat damages the actives; in the case of omega3 accelerating the oxidation process and reducing the DHA and EPA within the capsule, thereby shortening the shelf life.

Buying direct from Silberhorn ensures traceability from manufacture direct by a courier or personal pickup eliminating all of the above risks.

The rest is up to you with the handling and storage within the home; a recommendation we have made on numerous occasions is as follows; with clean dry hands open the lid, pour directly from the bottle the required number of capsules into the lid without skin contact to lid or remaining contents of the bottle.

Pour directly from lid into clean hand and swallow; be sure to take as directed.

In summary buy fresh product, check best before dates, store in cool, shady location and avoid skin contact and use as directed.

Silberhorn sells only New Zealand processed omega3, from pure Pacific and Atlantic sourced sardine and anchovy omega3. Vitamin E is added to prevent oxidation and prolong shelf life. (Interesting to note that the more expensive products do not guarantee quality).

Two other great sources of essential fatty acids are our Emu Oil soft-gel capsules that contain omega9, omega6 and omega3, and our Green-Lipped Mussel capsules (unique to NZ). Both are healthy alternatives to fish oil and are produced by Silberhorn in New Zealand in MPI licenced processing facilities.

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