Omega3 and Brain Health

Omega3 and Brain Health
1 December 2015, 23:58

As our knowledge grows with ongoing research it is becoming clear that omega3 is fundamental to brain health, brain development and ongoing brain function. As the years roll by time seems to accelerate rather like a snowball rolling down the mountain gathering pace and the commitments that consume our time grow.

Omega3 is a fatty acid containing DHA and EPA. DHA makes up around one fifth of our brains cerebral cortex (this is the largest portion of our brain controlling higher brain function, including thought and action). Omega3 is also fundamental to the health and function of our nervous system, it forms the insulation that protects our nerves. When this breaks down we experience short circuits of our nerve function. The symptoms are pain, sensitivity, numbness, tingling and a prickly sensation, burning sensation, loss of sensation, twitching, involuntary movement and loss of function. Sexual dysfunction, bladder dysfunction, dry eye, sweating, memory loss and eventually paralysis.

A considerable amount of research has been conducted studying the link between omega3 consumption and mental health....

...Omega3 has been shown to reduce the risk of psychosis development, slowing the brains aging process delaying the onset of dementia. It is interesting to note that omega3 supports brain development in the young and has been shown to be effective against conditions like ADHD and ADD in children.

Physical exercise, exposure to sunlight and a healthy diet that includes foods rich in omega3 are certainly worth trying before reverting to prescription drugs for people of all ages, especially our children.

The long term side effects of this type of medication are unknown, initial indications are that they may be quite damming.

In summary omega3 fatty acids are good for your brain development, ongoing brain health, nerve function and maintenance of the nervous system and of course cardiovascular health.

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