Your Liver

Your Liver

Our Liver is our very own filtration system, our blood carries contaminates, toxins and waste products via our cardiovascular system into our personal filtration system (our liver). As our blood is pumped through the liver the bacteria, toxins and contaminates are removed, thereby purifying our blood for another circuit through the cardiovascular system.

The liver has many functions; another being the conversion of food and nutrients into the building blocks to regenerate and produce blood. The liver is one of our body’s stores and it stockpiles vitamins, minerals and enzymes to maintain hormone balance and the immune system.

Our liver could be described as our body’s frontline of defence, it ensures our immune system isn’t overloaded as it prefilters much of the pathogens, virus and toxin risk from our system.  Another one of our liver functions is to burn fat by breaking it down and digesting it; the liver produces bile an acid that is fundamental to our digestive processes.

Our liver removes alcohol and other toxins; it is important to love our liver by avoiding and minimising the toxins consumed through the course of the day. Manage the risks posed by fatty foods, nicotine, alcohol, coffee, white sugar and processed foods. Some diet suggestions to promote liver health include; garlic, beetroot, leafy green vegetables, avocados, turmeric, walnuts, almonds, grapefruit, lemons, blueberries, yoghurt and omega 3 rich foods contain alpha linolenic acid and linoleic acid which is very good for the liver.

Supplements that support liver health and function are emu oil capsules and omega3 capsules, 3 - 4 per day, energy pluss which contains taurine, zinc, selenium and B groups vitamin, all of which support liver function and protect our livers from chemical and toxin damage.