Knees and Hips


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Knees and Hips
1 December 2016, 10:09

Our knees and hips are two of the joints in the human body that tend to be the source of much of our structural discomfort, the one thing they have in common is they are load bearing when we are walking and or standing. We can ease the discomfort by favouring one side or the other which we may tend to do automatically to relieve the discomfort.

The knee is one of our most complex joints; from an engineering point of view it is a marvel the way it hinges and slides; no prosthesis can match the knee that nature provided. Much of the discomfort we may experience can be attributed to damage due to injury, wear and tear and of course last but not least arthritis; which is an immune malfunction.

Our immune system may attack our own joints and structural frame; this is very often due to an imbalance in the immune system.

An Australian customer of ours on the Gold Coast had knees, hips and shoulders replaced, it wasn’t until she supported her immune system by taking SportsVel that the ongoing health issues were stabilised;

It is so important to give your body what it needs to maintain body function; the hip joint is a far simpler joint, it is more like the swivel on the end of a steering rod in your car or air shock on a hatchback door.

Arthritis in its many forms affects the smooth movement of the joint surfaces resulting in inflammation and discomfort. In the event you have had cartilage removed from the knees, you will have lost the shock absorbers that cushion the impact between the two major leg bones, the tibia and femur.

Weight gain can be an issue as we head further along the path of life; in the event we gain weight we are increasing the load very often on worn damaged joints. After having contact with numerous customers they would agree weight gain is linked to an increase in pain that is associated with knees, hips and backs.

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