Jack is an inspiration for us all

1 June 2015, 04:24

At the ripe young age of 83 down the back of his retirement village in Hamilton, he has a  workshop called Jack’s Happy Place. He has had a lifelong passion for aircraft including flying models of various types; he built a two seater Jabiru D18 aircraft that has flown 800 hours. He has also built a replica 1913 WW1 Bristol Scout; built incorporating many of the traditions and skills of the period, including extensive wire stays and controls with a beautiful handmade mahogany propeller.

The materials are in keeping with the period; cedar and western hemlock. He has left some of the fabric off the wing sections to show us how bi-planes of the era were built; this is  very timely as this type of aircraft was used over Turkey and Gallipoli as a spotter plane, the pilot would note the location of fortifications and troop movements.