Summer Skin Protection


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Summer Skin Protection
1 December 2016, 12:06

Over the summer this period can be risky for our skin due to exposure to sun and the elements; our skin may dry out and or burn resulting in accelerated aging. Emu oil is a natural sun block SPF8, in the event you accidentally over expose skin, emu oil topical products are a great backstop reducing the risk of peeling, soothing the burning and moisturising the dry burnt areas.

We have been told for many years the evils of exposure to the sun. The suns energy and its rays are in fact the energy source that sustains life on earth as we know it. In more recent times we have come to appreciate that our epidermis (our skin) is in fact a nutraceutical production facility converting the sun’s rays into health promoting vitamin D. Vitamin D could be described as the front-line of defence for our general health by supporting the immune system. Vitamin D also promotes bone and dental health providing us with natural defences to the ravages of viruses and pathogens; the root of much disease, by regulating the retention and absorption of phosphorous, calcium and other trace elements and minerals.

Be sure to drink sufficient water and enjoy the sun but remember around 20 minutes of exposure either side of midday is sufficient to support good health and wellbeing. NATURES FREE SUPPLEMENT.

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