Omega-3 and its benefits


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16 May 2019, 12:23

A recent BBC programme on television compared omega-3 supplements and oily fish both taken a few times a week by volunteers compared to a third group of volunteers taking a placebo. The results were to say at the least very interesting, there has been for some time an ongoing put down of omega-3 in supplement form. The study showed that quality omega-3 supplements were every bit as effective as consuming oily fish a few times a week or even better.

The resulting graphs were very revealing and the differential between the placebo volunteers and the other two groups taking omega-3 supplements and oily fish were clearly defined in the study. This takes me back to the joint issues I was experiencing in the mid 90’s, during consultations with the late Brian Otto orthopaedic surgeon he said that with the advent of scans the profession thought they would be able to clearly identify sources of pain and
discomfort within the human body and treat it. This didn’t turn out as the profession generally thought they sometimes found farmers and physical manual workers with no symptoms of discomfort but considerable wear and tear, Brian described their skeletal structure as a loose bag of bones and others they studied with more sedentary lifestyles experienced significant joint pain and discomfort for no apparent reason that could be identified with a scan.

I have personally found that there is a definite link between those of us who live an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy body weight as against those who are less active and carrying excess body weight, I am not talking here about gym junkies and joggers; activity built into your day may include extra trips up and down the stairs at home rather than lazy loads and elevators, parking in the remote carparks at the supermarket or mall and walking as part of your daily routine, it is not a good idea to load yourself up with loads that impose eccentric amplifiation of stress through to our joints and connective tissue.

Omega-3 supports brain, muscle, connective tissue and cardiovascular health; the results of this study should go some way to counter the negative media around the taking of supplements to support various aspects of our personal health.

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