Healthy Brain, Healthy Body


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1 June 2015, 04:10

Up until recently it was generally accepted that bone health and density declined as we aged  also brain cells and brain health declined with age, we now know that bone health and density can be restored with diet and exercise and brain cells also brain health can be restored with diet and mental exercise.

Omega3 supports healthy brain function as it is a rich source of essential fatty acids which are fundamental to brain function. In summary our brain is rather like our structural  frame and connective tissues; use it you maintain it, if you don’t use it you lose it.

It is interesting to note that Dr Ellen Langer is mentioned in numerous articles that involve mindfulness, a mind exercise that involves bringing the mind and consciousness back  to the present, rather than mulling over and revisiting the past or stressing about what may happen in the future. My interpretation of this concept is; it is much about enjoying the now; in some ways it is a form of yoga and or Zen, (mental discipline). One of the exercises is to clear your mind concentrate on deep breathing focusing on the rise and  contraction of lungs, chest and abdomen. For the next newsletter we will expand on this.