Health Tips for Summer


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Health Tips for Summer
29 November 2014, 10:35

Health Tips for Summer

  1. Emu oil for sunburn and natural sunscreen SPF8.
  2. Energy Pluss to support energy levels, brain function, stress, anxiety and depression.
  3. Sleepwell for a restful, restorative night’s sleep naturally.
  4. PuffPluss to support lung function and clear airways, ideal for aircraft lung conditions.
  5. Meno-D Pluss for the hormonal upheavals of menopause.
  6. Dixaflo to support prostate health and urine flow.
  7. Garlic to support the immune system, normalise cholesterol and blood health.
  8. Omega3 for cardiovascular health, eyes and brain function.
  9. SportsVel to support mobility, strength and an active kiwi summer lifestyle.
  10. Collagen to support skin health, collagen levels and elastin.

Soak up the freebie as yet untaxed vitamin D commonly known as the "sunshine vitamin". Our skin is the original solar panel, expose it to the sun and vitamin D is produced at no cost and no effort; the health benefits are significant and ongoing for immune support, bone density and teeth. Vitamin D regulates body function; so soak it up and avoid over exposure and skin damage.