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20 February 2019, 11:15

A stitch in time saves nine.

An adage that is applicable to the most fundamental of medical conditions inflammation. Inflammation maybe an irritation, itch, red spot, swelling a source of pain or something that expresses no symptoms at all, it maybe internal hidden from view or topical and obvious.

There a number of clinical tests for inflammation some are quite specific and others nonspecific, these tests are generally upper most in a medical professional’s toolbox and are very often used in regular check-ups depending on your life stage and medical history. It is very important to deal adequately with inflammation as and when it arises. Inflammation is rather like a spark, a hot spot that has the potential under the right conditions to become a massive forest fire. A good example of this is a chipped or broken tooth which can very quickly in just a matter of days become an abscess under the root of the tooth and very often resulting in extraction and the permanent loss of a tooth.

Most major medical conditions have their origins as a result of inflammation of one kind or another even the biggies, cancers and cardio vascular conditions, there is very often an inflammation in the early stages as they progress.

For instance skin conditions that may have their origins in over exposure to the sun’s rays resulting in skin damage that becomes a melanoma and that may progress from skin discoloration, a speck or a spot progressing as a root through the skin penetrating well below the layers of skin and forming a cancerous growth that may spread through the body affecting
vital body function, tissue and organs.

For men as they age regular prostate checks and for women regular smear tests and mammograms and for all genders regular monitoring of blood pressure; as we age consider these checks a WOF (warrant of fitness) which should become more frequent as we head further down the path of life.

Once again a stitch in time saves nine, it is important to prevent rather than cure, avoiding unhealthy food and maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise of body, mind and particular attention to managing the stresses in our lives and don’t forget spirit and social interaction.

We are learning more as time goes on just how important our social well-being compliments or detracts from our overall well-being and general good health.