The Change of Seasons


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The Change of Seasons
16 May 2019, 12:10

The change of season very often accompanies a change of mood and a decline in that feeling of well-being, it is generally accepted this maybe a result of the reduced daylight levels, shorter days and falling temperatures.

Our sense of well-being maybe linked to a number of hormone level changes within us, our dopamine, serotonin and oestrogen may all be affected by the seasons and as mentioned above the length of the day, temperature and daylight. For some the effect maybe just minor, for others anxiety and depression which may be just the normal cycle of day to day mood swings, highs and lows.

If spells of depression tend to be prolonged it’s time for some support, family and friends or even a medical professional. For most of us a change of routine, an understanding of these natural cycles is all it takes to get to the other side.

Some laugh it off, others exercise or walk it off, for many a bit more time outside in the light of day works wonders. Develop new hobbies or interests or expand your existing interests, spend time with family and friends (especially the ones who support and understand) discussing issues with those close to us helps us understand and cope with the issues of the day.