Silberhorn history of compliance


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Silberhorn history of compliance

We were one of the founding businesses of the MAF food safety audit process almost 40 years ago. This auditing process has evolved over the years into the Ministry for Primary Industry (RMP) risk management programme a regular auditing process. We have been totally compliant through the term with MAF and with, the Ministry for Primary Industry without a break including the present.

Over the last 10 years we have developed a unique cryogenic process for processing deer velvet for our leading branded products, this process has enhanced the final product considerably; laboratory tests support this result.

As staggering as it may seem the product has been enhanced 200-300 per cent on our previous process which was in its self a very good process that produced a very good result.

We are committed totally to providing unique quality products to support our customer’s health and well-being that is affordable.

We thank you for your faith and support of our unique approach to health maintenance.

The Silberhorn business was borne out of a sons concern for his father Albert Beadle, the son being Peter Beadle the famous Southland and Otago landscape artist. Peter’s research led him to a local resource, deer velvet and a Chinese Doctor whose specialty was deer velvet support and natural remedies for various joint health issues.

It all began in the early 80’s in sunny Southland.