Manuka Honey


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Manuka Honey
1 December 2016, 09:32

Silberhorn Manuka honey is a totally natural raw honey that meets all of laboratory certified characteristics of Manuka honey; it was marketed by Silberhorn as 12+, we know of no other  marketer of Manuka honey that sells unmodified, either by creaming or blending or adding non honey fillers in their Manuka honey. As many of you are aware the Silberhorn brand of Manuka honey was out of stock.

There appears to be considerable lobbying through the political and regulatory process tocrush small players like ourselves marketing dietary supplements and foods that promote good health naturally. Silberhorn’s product is all manufactured in New Zealand; it is interesting to note that our regulator Ministry for Primary Industries has banned us from putting certified laboratory test results on our Manuka honey (they claim we are making a therapeutic claim). After a  lengthy period we have now been allowed to replace what was approved labelling by our regulator with yet another similar label that has now been approved after a very long drawn out expensive process.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support, many of you for  decades have been enjoying the benefits of our unique range of products; we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products, the service and ongoing close relationship through the written word and our call centre. We very much appreciate those lovely letters we receive; you make it all worthwhile.

Business in New Zealand is rather like a duck on a pond, on the surface we may look relaxed but below the surface the webbed feet are going like the clappers to keep up with the changing technology and the ever changing complexity of compliance. Over the years we have benefited from your feedback, this close relationship we have with many of you has helped us develop and grow to improve your experience with the Silberhorn range of  products.


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