Happy Birthday Silberhorn

Happy Birthday Silberhorn
27 February 2015, 23:58

2015 is our 30th Birthday!

Silberhorn’s birth came about out of necessity Albert Beadle, the son of the founder was suffering crippling arthritis, he had tried all of the available options both public and private with no success; by chance the founder and Albert met a Chinese specialist who advised them to try deer velvet; though grown in New Zealand it was not available in the form of a tonic. The velvet was all shipped offshore for final processing and sale, mainly in China and Korea. So together with the Chinese specialist a tonic for Albert was developed in the kitchen and laundry of their home. Within two weeks Albert was much more mobile, back playing bowls with his mates, walking with a whole new lease on life.

The local butcher wanted whatever Albert was on, swollen knuckles and joints were impacting on his work and quality of life. It wasn’t long before demand out grew the domestic kitchen and laundry; so the Southland bootleg operation moved next door to the church kitchen, they out grew the church commercial kitchen and demand justified a processing facility, Silberhorn was born. The name Silberhorn is derived from a smaller mountain peak in the shadow of Mount Cook; as in the early days a mega company
wanted to buy the process and operation, a David and Goliath scenario, a tiny operation in the shadow of a large company.

All offers were refused and Silberhorn grew to benefit the locals, word spread throughout New Zealand and around the world and 30 years on Silberhorn has developed a number of unique health promoting natural products that reduce and in many cases eliminate the need for a number of prescription drugs and chemicals; adding years to life and life to years, for women, men and pets.

Silberhorn a family business supporting families.

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