DIY Health Maintenance Tips of a Personal Nature


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DIY Health Maintenance Tips of a Personal Nature
1 September 2015, 16:20

As we head along the path of life health issues arise that maybe quite unsettling, a few that  comes to mind are balance, falls, incontinence bladder and bowel leakage, constipation and haemorrhoids.

Let’s start with bowel health and irregularities; constipation and diarrhoea maybe symptoms worthy of mention to your health care professional, they are very often a minor inconvenience due to change of diet or routine, sometimes the result of something quite minor like a holiday away from home. Travel is a very common cause when added to diet change. It is important to be very conscious of where you eat and how you eat when away from home, be sure to maintain fluid intake especially in hot or cold locations where your natural triggers to drink are interrupted with climate and socialising; so maintain fluid intake but watch the alcohol. Be conscious of food handling and presentation, buffets can be a risk.

Fibre intake is key to maintaining bowel health, cereals, leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit, especially apples, oranges, prunes, nuts and berries. All of which support bowel and digestive health. In the event you need a little more support vitamin C tablets, magnesium capsules and EchnaMune Pluss which contains manuka honey, olive leaf, ginger and echinacea, emu oil and garlic capsules; all of which support bowel health and our immune response.

General good health is dependent on exercise as well as diet; regular walks, gardening and for those a bit more inclined gym machines, resistance exercise and more vigorous jogging or power walking, only you know what suits your specific needs.

We have written previously about the squat type toilets you will find through Turkey, the Middle East and some parts of Asia. We have had a number of contacts with customers recently with haemorrhoid and bladder issues; the feedback in respect of Dixaflo has been very interesting and positive, a woman contacted us to tell us she personally had tried the product for her personal bladder issues with positive results. This product was formulated specifically for men; more feedback on Dixaflo would be much appreciated.

This leads us to other issues that tend to afflict women more than men, LBL (light bladder leakage) very often this is the result of childbirth; the type of exercise that may help both women and men in this regard include, squatting instead of sitting; rather like the footprint type toilets described above when defecating and urinating; when squatting your muscles are supporting bowel and bladder function naturally; when we were more primitive this is probably how we performed these body functions.

There are examples of people overcoming haemorrhoids and bladder control issues by adopting the squatting rather than sitting approach, this coupled with pelvic floor exercises for women and bladder control exercises when urinating for both men and women can be a significant boost in respect of these two natural body functions.

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