Balance and Falls


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Balance and Falls
1 September 2015, 16:46

Balance and falls due to the loss of strength and muscle tone can be an issue as we head long the path of life; very often it can be linked to inner ear issues as a result of congestion colds and flu’s, something minor or a symptom of something more serious, be sure to discuss any issues of this nature with your doctor.

There are a number of things we can do to ward off and maintain our balance, be sure to treat congestion as and when it occurs, our natural raw manuka honey by the teaspoonful works well or when added to a hot toddy (drink) that contains lemon and ginger.

Puff Pluss is great for clearing congestion as it stimulates the vagus nerve and opens up the airways.

To maintain our balance naturally we can routinely build exercise into our day in the form of standing on one foot or the other when preparing food, doing dishes, brushing your
teeth or talking on the phone. There are other additional benefits to be gained by engaging in this exercise regularly they include reduced risks of falls and improved memory.

There are numerous positions and one legged poses in some Asian therapies including the Golden Cockerel pose; either knee raised and lower leg vertical or the tree yoga
pose, palms together above head forming a diamond with the elbows standing on one leg, the other leg bent across so the sole of the foot touches the inner thigh of the opposite leg; these exercises are fun and a real test of balance.

Try them at first with your eyes open and as you build your confidence close your eyes to a squint and you will be surprised just how difficult this is with your eyes closed. Let us know how you get on.

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