100% New Zealand Manuka Honey


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100% New Zealand Manuka Honey
2 March 2016, 21:40

We received a letter dated the 2 December 2015 from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) which now prohibits our use of 100% New Zealand on our Manuka honey label, there is no question that our honey is 100% New Zealand and there has never been a dispute in respect of this. We have also been prohibited from labelling our honey with the results of certified independent laboratory test for non-peroxide levels (activity level).

This all appears to be as a result of lobbying by vested interests to monopolise the marketing of Manuka honey and thereby adding significant cost to businesses marketing Manuka honey. There has been a massive scandal in recent years around Manuka honey sold and labelled active Manuka honey which was in fact diluted with honeydew and other fillers. This appears to have been hushed up and the beneficiaries of the fraud and scandal appear to be lobbying for enforcement via government agencies for a monopoly; there are links to current and former politicians. Our political process entitles us to transparent and accountable oversight, not what appears to be a corrupt back-door monopoly. Many questions have been raised, we have written back to MPI with a number of official information requests justifying their action in law; the question of anti-competitive conduct, illegal monopoly and what appears to be a corrupt process that is non transparent and accountable.

The wasp and hornet nests have been stirred up, watch with interest to see just what they do to our South Island provincial business.

This is one space to watch this year but there is another; big changes have been proposed to prohibit companies like ours communicating to potential customers and existing customers the potential benefits from various supplements to their diet.

This is a clear assault on the basic principles of freedom of speech and choice of health maintenance options.

Once again this appears to be a result of lobbying by vested interests to shut down an industry with an impeccable track record over many years of supporting health naturally; bizarre as this may seem this appears to be a push to promote chemical and drug therapies with significant health compromising side effects and cut out those that choose the natural options; prevention rather than disease treatment.

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