Summer and Food Hygiene

1 December 2016, 09:53

Summer and the BBQ season are the time of year we need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to food safety risks; the handling and storage of food at this time of year is more important as contamination and bacteria growth are accelerated by summer conditions; heat and moisture.

It is not just food that is a potential risk much of what we ingest when contaminated can result in stomach upsets; when handling dietary supplements we suggest people take the same  precautions they do when handling food. Thoroughly wash and dry hands pour the required number of capsules into the lid and pour from lid into clean hands and then into mouth. It is important to keep packs sealed and in a cool dry place until required. What we have suggested here is very similar to the food safety adage, the 4 C’s

Clean, Cook, Cover and Chill.